January 2023 Trip with Centre for Human and Community Development Team

Article via Centre for Human and Community Development’s e-newsletter.

In January 2023, Centre for Human and Community Development team embarked on a trip to Tamale, Ghana for pattern sewing training and towards the engagement of Dagomba tribe.

The one-week training which was powered by mPower Approach was aimed at equipping team members to reach the Unreached Peoples Group(UPG) using pattern sowing skills, establishing a Community Transformation Centre in order to effectively serve the UPGs through Education, Healthcare and Economy.

During our time in Tamale, we met with indigenous and foreign missionaries as well as mission agency leaders who are serving among the Dagomba tribe and other tribes towards partnership that engenders exponential gospel breakthrough and Disciple Making Movement among the second largest tribe in Ghana which currently has less than 2% followers of Jesus Christ. 

Here are some pictures of the trip.