“Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones; And shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.”

Sustainability — Supplies & Patients

Pray that the students would go out in pairs and use their skills 2-3 days a week to provide patients with much needed care with the goal of sharing the Gospel. Pray for supplies and financial resources to sustain their ministry. Pray for a steady supply of patients who need care and Christ.

Workers — Skills & Outreach

Pray for the right group of students. Specifically, pray that the ministry we partner with selects a group of students from various regions of the country so that trained mPower workers touch as many areas as possible. Pray for two students from each regions so they can use their skills as pairs and learn from … Continue reading Workers — Skills & Outreach

Teams – Team Members & Dynamics

Pray for members to join and that the Lord would provide just the right people for each team. Pray for patience and rest and sleep at night. Pray that the members would keep the goal of teaching the skills for the use of spreading the Gospel as the main reason for training.

Missions Groups — Partnerships & Resources

Please, pray for our group of individuals heading to India February 10th – 19th. Pray they travel safely and can provide care safely and effectively. May the individuals reached learn of the inner peace that comes with knowing Christ.