Our Mission:  To empower indigenous believers with the tools and training to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

During a typical dental mission trip, a dentist will extract about 300 teeth in six grueling days. On an mPower Approach trip, the same dentist can instead train six national believers to do extractions. If these 6 students then work two days a week thereafter, they will extract 150 teeth per week–that’s over 6,000 a year!


The legacy of any mPower Approach trip is threefold:

  1. Believers in developing countries are trained to address both physical and spiritual needs of their own people.
  2. Individual Christians are assisted and encouraged, thereby improving the status of the local church.
  3. A sustainable ministry is launched.

mPower Approach modules have been implemented in over a dozen countries. Hundreds of our graduates share the Gospel as they serve their communities through dental, vision, and medical care. Doors are opened for the love of Christ to be spread, national believers are empowered, and local churches are strengthened.


Enjoy our video testimonials from volunteers and members that have been on trips with us.