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A new concept in short term missions

245627332003zambia_18Many of us participate in traditional missions trips. We travel to a developing country, help build a church or teach VBS, and return home. Afterward, we often experience a nagging feeling, wondering if the amount of resources we spent to get in country could have been used to create a more lasting impact. Jesus has called us not just to produce fruit for a season, but to produce fruit that lasts (John 15:16). mPower Approach modules: These packaged training modules allow you to teach a skill to leave behind. Each module is designed to integrate a Christian worker into the culture, serve  people, and generate the means to materially support the worker’s family. mPower Approach plans every aspect from technology, technique, and operations to how the module should be integrated with ministry. This is a new paradigm in short term missions.

September 23rd – October 1st: South East Asia

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