Being a trainer for mPower Approach means several things:

You are committed to Jesus Christ and His Word. As your life impact expands through training others to train, your influence greatly increases. It is important that our trainers are doctrinally sound and soft hearted toward the Lord as we all will be called to  give an account of our lives.

You are competent in the area you will be training. This will look different for different modules. Some modules, like the dental extraction module, require very specific knowledge and education to qualify as a trainer. Others, such as I see, requires only the training that mPower Approach provides.

You have a gift and a love of teaching. Being a trainer is basically about being a good teacher. You can be completely orthodox and trained many times over, but if you don’t have a teachers heart, skill, and care the knowledge will not flow from yourself to the trainee.

Once you are a certified trainer in a certain area, there will be many opportunities for you to exercise your gift. There will be needs at our training centers around the world. There will be opportunities to assist short term missions groups with training themselves and others.

We encourage the trainers, through prayer and industry, to develop their own connections to use the gift that God has given them. Maybe you see a need at an international partner with your church. Pursue that with them and mPower Approach will do everything it can to support you in those endeavors.

Please email and a ministry representative can help you get started with the training process!