india-2007-146WHAT IF WE REALLY COULD REACH THE WORLD FOR CHRIST? If the task of sharing the gospel with our neighbors is daunting, how can we even contemplate the millions of people who have not even heard the name of Christ? What if you were given the technological tools, implemented using Scriptural principles, to start a ripple that would reach millions? That is mPower Approach. We believe that God has allowed deep physical needs to coincide with deep spiritual needs. By training indigenous believers to meet the felt needs of their people, they display the love of Christ, operate a sustainable system and have a modularized framework with which they can train others. Too often the indigenous church has been a bystander to the traditional missions movement, with mPower Approach we work together with those who have been born and born again in the culture we are called to reach. Are you willing to throw the pebble and watch the ripple of eternity move outward in this lost world? There are many ways that you can start that move, by becoming a sender, a trainer, or encouraging your church to become a partner. By the grace of God, the fulfillment of the Great Commission is within reach. Call a mPower representative now to get started: 1-502-544-9031