As we can see from 1 Corinthians God has many tasks for us to accomplish, and each of us has been gifted in accordance with that task. Just as Paul planted the seed of the Word and Apollos watered that seed in sound teaching, senders have been commissioned with funding the activities of ministries so they can launch. God has given them a gift of seed that when planted properly could yield a large harvest. However, many senders grow frustrated as their gift of seed is eaten instead of planted, and the missions worker returns for another handful of seed. At mPower we are dedicated to transforming your gift into an ever expanding influence for the kingdom of God. As trainers train other trainers the seed of your gift is planted for a Spirit empowered harvest to feed thousands if not millions. mPower contextualizes the gospel, letting the local church or indigenous missionary love the people they are called to by ministering to their felt needs. Through the relationship and trust created in providing care, the right soil is cultivated for the seed of the Word to take root.