WE ARE HERE TO SERVE THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. The Scripture is quite clear that the local church is the means and mechanism that God has ordained to work through as it reflects a microcosm of the entire Kingdom of God that will come with the return of Christ. mPower desires to partner with churches in ways that help equip and empower the church to carry out its mission of bringing the harvest into the storehouse. There are several ways that mPower believes they can help do that:
  • Assist western churches in moving their international mission partner churches from a place of dependency to a wholly functioning member of Christ’s body (self-governing, self-sustaining and self-propagating). This frees the church to move to another international area which needs witness of the gospel.
  • Provide a short term missions experience that provides long term benefits to the receiving church through non-verbal, innovative training programs enabling those who are trained to train others.
  • Facilitate those in the church who have been given specialized training in mercy gifts (Dentists, Medical Doctors, etc) to use those for the benefit of the church and in such a way that they can empower others to serve the needs of the people in their specialization long after they have returned to their home country.
As a church partner, you will receive email updates regarding the activities of mPower Please call 502-365-5540 and a ministry representative can help you with the partnering process!